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max. 13 °C
min. 7 °C

Wind: 8 km/h
Precipitation forecast: 13,5 mm
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Mostly Cloudy 12.1 °C / Mostly Cloudy

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When to go to Kiev? (Ukraine)

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What to do in Kiev : Tips, places, hotels and restaurants

KievCapital of Ukraine, Kiev has almost 3 million inhabitants. Built on the hills overlooking the Dnieper River, it also covers the area of ​​its confluence with the Desna River. Its climate is continental, with a long period of snow between November and March and temperate summers. To move around the city, three metro lines exist, very cheap but often crowded, supplemented by bus and tram lines. What to discover in Kiev? The city has firstly a religious heritage, with St. Sophia Cathedral and its 13 domes, the largest is golden, but also the Lavra catacombs monastery and its churches with golden domes that can be seen from far away on the right bank of the Dnieper, and where pilgrims go to pray at the relics of their saints. Visitors can also stroll in the city dotted with parks along the river, and will not fail to notice the famous Maid of Steel statue over 60 meters high, overlooking the War Museum. It may also browse the Khreshchiatik street, Kiev's main thoroughfare teeming with bars and restaurants. Another street to discover the Volodimirska Street, which takes you to the Golden Gate and the historic city, via the Opera House and Shevchenko Park. Do not miss: south of the city, the open air museum Pirogovo featuring rural traditions. To visit Kiev, prefer the period between May and September. An international airport serving many world capitals is located thirty kilometers from the city.


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