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Weather today

Mostly Cloudy
max. 37 °C
min. 32 °C

Wind: 5 km/h
Precipitation forecast: 0 mm
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Data updated at 13:56 (local time)
At that time, the weather was:
Mostly Cloudy 36.6 °C / Mostly Cloudy

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When to go to Djibouti? (Djibouti)

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What to do in Djibouti : Tips, places, hotels and restaurants

DjiboutiThe capital of the eponymous country has about 600 000 inhabitants. Located on the coast, it has a port with intense commercial activity actually the largest Northeastern Africa. Two-thirds of the country's population live in the capital. It is easy to get around in the city center following a grid-like map, and you can explore on foot. The cultural heritage of the city affected by many influences: those of course Africa, but also the Middle East and Europe. To move across the city, you can take the local buses or taxis, unless you prefer to rent a car. What to see in the city? Start by Square 27 June 1977 in the heart of Djibouti, well shaded, with its Moorish arcades where souvenir sellers settled and numerous cafes. Another way to see that you reach by following a maze of narrow streets, the Mahmoud-Harbi Square, where clump stalls and various stalls, dominated by the minaret of the mosque, and always teeming with people. After the Presidential Palace, continue your walk on the pier to see the fishing or pleasure boats moored in the harbor. But you will discover the true Djibouti at the nightfall, when the streets of neighborhoods fill with people and people are scrambling to grab a bite in the cheap restaurants, while street vendors invade Fly street or avenue Thirteen. You can also discover the marine fauna, water skiing or windsurfing off the shelf of Snake, small peninsula near the city center. In addition, some sites are close to the capital to see, like the gardens of Ambouli 5 km, the park and the beaches of Loyada, or beach Dorala.


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