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Precipitation forecast: 0,1 mm
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When to go to Disneyland Paris? (France)

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What to do in Disneyland Paris : Tips, places, hotels and restaurants

Disneyland ParisLocated in Seine-et-Marne in Marne-la-Vallée (30 km from Paris), the Disneyland Paris park is a complex theme park that opened in 1992. Designed as an enchanted kingdom, it is symbolized by the Castle the Sleeping Beauty whose visionary architecture dominates the space, which is divided into two distinct areas: Disneyland park and Walt Disney Studios park. The first will take you five fantastic country, with a mix of attractions, rides, parades, shows, seasonal events. The second will discover the secrets of Disney movies with 5 different zones. Altogether there are 342 activities. At the entrance of the park you will also find Disney Village with its shops, restaurants (in addition to those scattered throughout both parks), cinemas, dance floors. Besides the amount of rides and originality, which it is impossible to make an exhaustive description (there are for all ages and for all categories of sensations), you can visit an aquarium, play golf or tennis, you swim in one of the ten pools, walks, pony trekking, meet "for real" the favorite characters of favorite cartoons children. It is also possible to attend concerts at Billy Bob's Country Western Saloon and (pop, rock, blues, jazz and R & B) or go to the cinema at the Gaumont Complex. The night show Disney Dreams, initiated by the flight of Peter Pan, dazzle you in the evening with fireworks and other fountains and colored lights. Fifteen hotels near the park can accommodate you for a night or longer stays, each with its architecture and ambiance, and some with a fitness center within their walls. Of course, numerous services are offered to visitors: first aid stations, found objects, babysitting at Disney hotels, rental strollers, corners, etc. You can access Disneyland Paris by RER from Paris (35 min) or with shuttle from Charles de Gaulle or Orly airports; by car, you will take the A4 and the Francilienne. For one ticket (excluding holiday or special offer) it will cost at least 47


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