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Weather today

Light Rain
max. 6 °C
min. 2 °C

Wind: 3 km/h
Precipitation forecast: 1 mm
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Data updated at 00:29 (local time)
At that time, the weather was:
Haze 3.9 °C / Haze

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When to go to Dijon? (France)

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What to do in Dijon : Tips, places, hotels and restaurants

DijonFrench town in the east of the country, is part of the Dijon region Bourgogne-Franche-Comté and has 153 000 inhabitants. It has a rich architectural and historical heritage, and an undisputed gastronomic reputation. It is reached by the motorway from Paris and Lyon, but also by TGV from Paris, Marseille, Lille and Mulhouse. The city also has an airport. For intramural travel, there is a very efficient bus network, free shuttle downtown and free bicycle access and two tram lines. Several cultural events punctuate the year in Dijon, as the circus festival in April, a jazz festival in May, the vine celebrations in August or a food fair in November. The city also has a real tourist interest with its historical heritage and its wine culture. You can visit particularly the Church of Our Lady of Gothic style and its iconic owl instead Darcy bounded by the William door, the Palace of the Dukes of Burgundy and its tower Philip the Good, the Saint-Philibert church with its architecture Romanesque, not to mention the many medieval half-timbered houses and the covered market with its metallic architecture of the late 19th century. There are also beautiful Haussmann buildings on major boulevards, and notable buildings like the Hotel des Postes, Galeries Lafayette or the Palace of Justice. Moreover, Dijon offers visitors a large number of green spaces, such as the botanical garden of the musket, the Park de la Colombiere and the Japanese garden. Finally, eight museums respond to the curiosity of the traveler, such as the Fine Arts housed in the Palace of the Dukes of Burgundy or the Archaeological Museum in the former St. Bénigne abbey.


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