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Europe > Denmark: Covid-19 and Travel


Present Situation

Total cases: 241 731

Active cases: 8 641

Recovered: 230 638

Deaths: 2 452

Vaccination count: 995 672

Current trend: Declining

Data updated on 2021-04-18

Cumulative coronavirus cases

Summary of the situation

Are the borders open to travellers? Partially Allowed
Is a test required to enter the country?
Negative PCR test is required for all countries.
Are quarantine measures imposed? Oui
Is the country in lockdown? Partiellement
Is wearing a mask mandatory?
Masks are recommended

Provisions for travellers

Entry to the territory: Partially Allowed
Entry from Third Countries is allowed only in case of a worthy purpose, (not for tourism).

As of 9 January 2021 a general ban has been introduced on flights carrying passengers, including Danish nationals, who are unable to present a negative COVID-19 test taken no more than 24 hours before departure. Cargo, aircrew and other special flights are not affected by the ban and children up to the age of 12 are exempt from the testing requirement, but they are urged to be tested. Danish nationals, people resident in Denmark, or people holding a valid residence permit in Denmark can enter, no matter the purpose and are not required to present a negative COVID-19 test during the border control in Denmark. However, they are required to present a negative COVID-19 test taken no more than 24 hours before boarding the plane abroad.

Worthy purposes have been tightened and can be represented by the following conditions:

-you are the primary caregiver of minors;
-you are related to or in a relationship with a seriously ill or dying person in Denmark;
-you need to continue treatment at a healthcare institution;
-you need to participate in the birth of your child;
-you have to attend a funeral;
-you need to participate in legal proceedings (such as criminal
proceedings in Denmark)
-you are a seaman, an aircraft crew member, a diplomat etc.
-you enter Denmark in connection with the transport of goods.

Non-Danish citizens with clear symptoms such as dry cough and fever cannot enter Denmark.

As of 7 February 2021, a mandatory 10-day isolation applies to all travellers. The isolation can be ended by the presentation of a negative PCR test taken no earlier than day 4 after entry.

Tests: Negative PCR test is required for all countries.

Quarantine: Yes
Self-isolation for 10 days required for all countries.

Information updated on 2021-04-12.

Action taken in the country

Lockdown: Partial
Due to the high infection numbers in Denmark, a nationwide lockdown is in force and stricter national measures will be applied to the whole country until the end of 5 April 2021.

The recommended minimum distance has been increased from 1 metre to at least 2 metres.

No matter their size and location, all durable goods shops must stay closed to the public. The same applies in case of shopping centres, department stores, shopping arcades and bazaars.

Supermarkets and certain shops and stores are allowed to stay open.

However, grocery shops/supermarkets, pharmacies and specialist shops selling medical equipment can stay open, also if they are located in a shopping centre.

Shops and stores allowed to stay open must observe specific restrictions.

Shops are still allowed to hand out goods that have been pre-ordered and paid for online.

Catering establishments must remain closed, but takeaway can be still in function.

Mask use
Masks are recommended

Gatherings: Partially Allowed
Events of more than 10 people are not allowed.

Restaurants and bars: Open with restrictions

Shops: Open

Tourist attractions: Closed


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