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max. 11 °C
min. 1 °C

Wind: 4 km/h
Precipitation forecast: 0 mm
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Fog 1.1 °C / Fog

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When to go to Agen? (France)

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What to do in Agen : Tips, places, hotels and restaurants

AgenLocated in the southwest of France, in the valley of the Garonne, Agen has about 35,000 inhabitants, and its name is inseparable from the prune fruit produced and harvested mainly in its region. The city is now developing its tourism aspect, helped by its position midway between Toulouse and Bordeaux, which allows easy access to the city: from the A62 motorway on the one hand, the airport Agen-La Garenne 3 km from the other city. Agen also offers the traveler many sites of interest, both for art and architecture lovers or for nature fans. To see first: the Canal Bridge, one of the finest monuments of the city and the second longest bridge in the country, with its 580 m, which is crossing the Garonne Canal de Garonne to 12 m in height; the Museum of Fine Arts, founded in 1876, in the heart of the historic center, one of the richest of the Southwest with its masterpieces by Goya and his impressionist paintings of Corot and Sisley among others, all housed in magnificent mansions; the pedestrian boulevard, main artery of the city which crosses from east to west and is bordered by beautiful buildings in stone, shops, cafe terraces, fountains; Saint-Caprais Cathedral, World Heritage of UNESCO, step on the road to Compostela, with its various styles; the circuit that runs along both banks of the Garonne you will discover the story of "Lady Garonne." But these are only examples, and you can also discover the churches, the Ducourneau theater, the National Nature Reserve of the spawning ground for shad and other venues. To get around the city, there is a bus network with 7 lines and 13 km of cycle paths.


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