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Weather today

max. 29 °C
min. 25 °C

Wind: 6 km/h
Precipitation forecast: 7,9 mm
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Partly Cloudy 29 °C / Partly Cloudy

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When to go to Abidjan? (Ivory Coast)

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What to do in Abidjan : Tips, places, hotels and restaurants

AbidjanAbidjan is the economic capital of the Ivory Coast. In 2009 it boasted a population of around 4 million. It is a city that is undergoing tremendous growth of which the industrial sector is a major factor.

It is divided into two parts and each part is sub-divided into a number of communities each with its own characteristics; some modern quarters more European in style such as Le Plateau or Cocody with imposing villas and large gardens, others organised more like African villages such as Marcory or Treichville. Around Brie Lagoon there are also houses built on stilts. Abidjan also boasts the most important port of Western Africa. For the traveller Abidjan offers numerous facilities; hotels, sports centres, night life, beaches...

However, Abidjan is not a sought after place with tourists although many business people visit it, as is true for much of the Ivory Coast. There are a number of places definitely worth a visit such as the Parc du Banco situated at the city gates, the remainder of the forest that surrounded the lagoon in years gone by. In this park there is a central lake, some coffee and cacao plantations, and the small river used by the town’s launderers for their washing. There are also some notable buildings to be seen in the city including the mosques at Cocody and Treichville, the Saint Paul Cathedral, the City Museum, Ki Yi M’Bock village, the Contemporary Art Museum, the National Museum and the City’s Craft


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