A cruise in Antarctica, the best way to discover the South Pole

Antartica, also called the southern continent, is the southernmost area of the planet, located around the South Pole. Antarctica is made up of a main island and secondary archipelagos, where you can find ice barriers and walls, rocks, a high mountain range, an active volcano (Erebus), subglacial lakes and glaciers. This destination is still not very open to tourism, but it can be the occasion of a very spectacular trip, even if very expensive. Despite its extreme conditions, this trip will undoubtedly leave you with incomparable memories.

When to go to Antarctica ?

During the southern winter (March to September), there are few or no hours of sunlight. During the summer, from September to March, the sun shines up to 24 hours a day. As the coldest part of the world, the average annual temperature is -55° C and temperatures most often vary between -20° and -60°. The best time to travel to Antarctica is during the austral summer, between November and March. These extreme conditions require intense preparation, and as a first step, check with the operators to find out which companies offer Antarctica cruise in the region you wish to visit.

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How will your cruise be like ?

Most Antarctic cruises depart from Ushuaia, capital of the Argentine province of Tierra del Fuego, Ushuaia is considered the gateway to the White Continent and the South Pole. Nicknamed “El fin del mundo” by the Argentine people, this city at the end of the world is nestled in the hollow of mountains and fertile plains that the fauna seems to have chosen as its ultimate sanctuary.

Your cruise will then most likely cross the Drake Passage. This is located between the southern tip of South America and the Antarctic Peninsula. The peninsula is known for its beautiful scenery and rich wildlife.

Some Antarctic cruises lead to Hope Bay, where you can discover the research station called “Esperanza”. It is one of the two civilian settlements in Antarctica, and it is also the birthplace of the first person born on the continent.

If you choose your cruise operator wisely, you will also be able to live a magical experience by discovering sea kayaking in Antarctica : some operators offer State-certified kayak guides which will lead you on an outing as close to the ice as possible.

Half Moon Island is one of the South Shetland Islands and, with one of the largest populations of chinstrap penguins, makes animal lovers’ hearts beat faster. During a cruise to Antarctica, you can discover one of the largest volcanic islands in the world – Deception Island. There, visitors can swim in a crater flooded with water or take a boat trip inside the crater lake.

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Final notes :

Please note: you must behave responsibly and follow certain unavoidable rules, such as not approaching or disturbing animals, not throwing away any waste, not taking any eggs, plants or shells.

Admire this wild and immaculate beauty with its grandiose landscapes, discover the fauna, and take pictures !