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Where to go in June WHERE TO GO IN JUNE?

Visiting Tanzania in June

In Europe, it is truly the best time for many countries: In the north, Sweden, Norway and Finland promise days without end, resplendent in the midnight sun that culminates in the summer solstice. Ireland experiences a lovely climate during June with less rain than in summer and temperatures varying between warm to hot. It's the beginning of the tourist season in the Czech Republic that has very pleasant weather right now, even it temperatures can be a little cool at times.

In Asia, only Indonesia escapes the highly unpleasant weather during this monsoon period, as well as Japan. Malaysia, currently experiencing a small respite between its two monsoon periods, can be a lovely destination right now.

In Africa, Kenya enters into its second dry season, a little cooler and breezier than the first but with temperatures just as pleasant at around 23C on average inland. It's the same for Tanzania that is just beginning its winter characterised by dry and sunny weather with warm temperatures of 18C at night and 27C during the daytime.

In America, Peru is entering its winter season which is always dry and sunny with the coast enjoying warm temperatures. Similar weather can be found in the north of Chile as well as the whole of the Cordilleran range in the Andes, certain areas are very welcoming right now.

To be avoided:

Watch out for heat waves that occur in various areas throughout the world, especially Central Africa and the Middle East at this time. The monsoons bring crippling heat and heavy rains to India, to be avoided at all costs!

Our choice

Where to go in june

Northern Europe is a firm favourite for travellers right now and the Mediterranean basin is also tempting for those who wish to simply relax in the sun.

In Africa, Tanzania with the stunning landscapes of its National Parks and accompanying wildlife are waiting to astound you at the end of the rainy season.

It's a great time too to visit Brazil, especially Rio where temperatures stay around 25C at the moment and the rains are fairly rare at the present.

The best travel destinations in june:

In this table are the best travel destinations for the month of june. The global note of each has been uniquely calculated according to climate data, rated according to the most sunshine and least rainy days but doesn't take into account local touristic specifics such as festivals, events etc that could make travel here especially interesting at this time.

Average T
Average T
Record T
Record T
Wet daysRating
Israel (Jerusalem)14173084300
Turkey (Antalya)132131114220
Lebanon (Beirut)122229134130
Syria (Damascus)12173494000
Uzbekistan (Tashkent)121832642124
Turkey (Izmir)1218321042142
Turkey (Bodrum)1218321042142
Portugal (Faro (Algarve))121926103651
Afghanistan (Kabul)12133163750
Crete (kriti) (Iraklio (Heraklion))1121271536101
Turkey (Istanbul)111726838336
Malta (Valletta)112027144020
Portugal (Lisbon)1116261039155
Spain (Madrid)111628638265
Morocco (Marrakech)11183494781
Tunisia (Tunis)11183094485
France (Ajaccio (Corsica))111526738204
Greece (Naxos (Agean Islands))1121271536101
Spain (Seville)11183354581
Spain (Almeria)111927133741
Tunisia (Djerba)11202964702
Albania (Vlore)1117271136286
Armenia (Yerevan)111431636236
Croatia (Dubrovnik)1019261135476
Mauritania (Nouakchott)102434184730
Libya (Tripoli)102028104531
USA (Los Angeles)10142584231
USA (Honolulu)10232817321712
France (Marseille)101627538234
Morocco (Rabat)10172774282
Greece (Thessaloniki)1019301039397
Spain (Palma de Majorque)101827838163
Russia (Astrakhan)101730639186
Italy (Brindisi)1019271239243
Italy (Palermo (Sicily))101928114192
Portugal (Porto)101424738407
Australia (Darwin)102232133831
Algeria (Algiers)919271339142
Slovak Republic (Bratislava)915255386311
Hungary (Budapest)916274406813
Italy (Rome)918291037364
Canada (Toronto)91324-2376811
Spain (Barcelona)919261136366
Spain (Las Palmas (Canaries))91925143300
China (Urumqi)913271403711
Italy (Venice)91826834688
Italy (Naples)91727736304
Italy (Cagliari (Sardinia))919281038121
Australia (Alice Springs)9620-631122
Cape Verde (Praia)92329193500
Germany (Berlin)813233366413
France (Paris)814246395312
Poland (Warsaw)813243356813
Austria (Vienna)815244376614
South Africa (Durban)81324533323
India (Srinagar)81530738353
France (Bordeaux)813253396411
Burundi (Bujumbura)818291331113
Tanzania (Dar es Salaam)721301633326
United Kingdom (London)713215344411
Mauritius (Port-Louis)718251129656
Reunion (Saint-Denis)718251129656
France (Cherbourg)713196323810
Netherlands (Holland) (Vlissingen)713204344912
Angola (Luanda)72025153200
Kenya (Nairobi)61322728459
Brazil (Rio de Janeiro)619251133527
Spain (Santander)615218356213
Brazil (Brasilia)6143363680
Paraguay (Asuncion)61222-237696
Peru (Lima)1152192851
Italy (rimini)NC1826NCNCNC7
Spain (Fuerteventura)NC2126NCNCNC0
France (Nice)NC1925NCNC16
Turkey (Edirne)NC10NCNCNC0
Italy (Florence)NC1829NCNCNC7
Crete (kriti) (Rethymnon)NC2129NCNCNC1
Spain (Malaga)NC2028NCNCNC1
Bulgaria (Burgas)NC1726NCNC211
United Kingdom (Manchester)NC1119NCNCNC17
Egypt (Alexandrie)NC2329NCNCNC0
Syria (Aleppo)NC2231NCNCNC2
Brazil (Foz do Iguau)NC1423NCNC158
Brazil (So Paulo)NC1522NCNC36
Israel (Tel Aviv)NC2328NCNCNC0
Spain (Valencia)NC1928NCNC15
Spain (Granada)NC1531NCNCNC2
Morocco (Casablanca)NC2025NCNCNC1
France (Aix-en-Provence)NC1828NCNC35
Morocco (Tangier)NC1827NCNCNC1


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