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Salvador de Bahia, updated 03:00 GMT
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When to go to Salvador de Bahia? (Brazil)

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What to do in Salvador de Bahia : Tips, places, hotels and restaurants

Salvador de BahiaCity of Brazil, Salvador de Bahia is located on the east coast along the Atlantic Ocean. It has about 2 million and a half inhabitants and was once the capital of Brazil. Meeting point between African cultures, Amerindian and European, it has retained remarkable testimonies of the Renaissance architecture, which earned him a World Heritage by UNESCO. The city is also renowned as the most festive of the country, and its very friendly people seduce you fail. It is served by an international airport. Many sites worth visiting in Salvador de Bahia: besides the beaches that attract lovers of relaxation (70 km of beaches are held throughout the bay), you can explore on foot the Pelourinho, ranked Baroque historic center, with its pastel colored houses, cobbled squares and magnificent churches; the church of Sao Francisco and its stunning cloister azuleijos decorated, 18th century; Fort Montserrat; Mercado Modelo where you will take the elevator to reach the upper town and admire the view of the Bay of All Saints and its 56 islands. But you can also sample local specialties such as acarajé strolling through the streets, listen every Tuesday evening Batacuda in the historic center, attend the carnival which is less famous than Rio but more authentic, learn to dance " oriented ", another version of samba, capoeira introduce you to or percussion, drink a caipirinha while watching the sun set over the sea and wander the streets looking for souvenirs to bring back to your friends: paintings naive art, Havaianas (the famous Brazilian flip flops!), Brazilian rum, hammock, wood carvings. The best time to explore the city is between September and December. To move, buses and taxis are convenient and affordable means.

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