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Guatemala Ciudad, updated 01:00 GMT
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When to go to Guatemala Ciudad? (Guatemala)

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What to do in Guatemala Ciudad : Tips, places, hotels and restaurants

Guatemala CiudadCapital of the country with the same name, Guatemala is the largest city of Central America. Situated at an altitude of 1,500 metres, it has a population of over 2 million and is surrounded by three volcanoes. Traffic jams and pollution are part of the city’s daily life but there are a number of places and sites that are worth a visit, as well as some interesting museums. Admire the Metropolitan Cathedral, the National Palace, the Central Market with its varied craftwork, the Popoi Vuh Museum with its lovely collection of sculptures and pottery, and the Ixchel Museum with traditional costumes. The city is a major site of pre-Columbian history and you will appreciate the low houses built around flowered patios with fountains as well as the alleys planted with tulips and Flame trees. The old city centre, or Central Park, is surrounded by the National Library and the Portal des Comercio. Visit Minerva Park, Santa Rosa with its altarpieces, and the Virgin of the Rosary of Santa Domingo. Outside the city, visit the village of San Pedro for its market and famous weavers, and the village of Chinautla for its traditional local pottery.

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